The CIC Fashion Challenge 4th Annual Event:  TRASHION 2014
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First Place Winner Frankie Vanity with "Coffee Remains"

Second Place Winner, Kimberly Lucero

Please stay tuned as the photographs from 2014 come in!  In the meantime, please see the photos below from the previous years.  Thanks to photographers:  Oscar Benjamin, SacFaddy, Arlene Barshinger, Shane Maus, Jace Buenaflor, West Ramsey, David Alvarez, and Eric Epperson.
The CIC Fashion Challenge 3rd Annual Event:  POE COUTURE. 

  Congratulations to all of our winners:
1st place
Audience Choice Award:
Sacha Laurin,
"On the River"
Photographed by QUROSCURO
And Featured at
SAC Fashion Week 2014
Excerpt  taken from:  Kombucha Couture

Unique, natural Kombucha designs. Each piece is a SCOBY culture (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), created through brewing detoxifying pro-biotic sparkling kombucha tea.

The cultures are conditioned with essential oils,  dyed with beets, indigo, turmeric, and  herbs and other food grade tints, and then air and sun dried. They become a fraction of their original thickness, and become a completely unique sustainable vegetarian leather unlike any other fabric.  Fashioning live culture- symbiosis at its best.

2nd Place:  Michael Kouri, "The City in the Sea"
Photograher Quroscuro  Model Angelica Ishma

3rd Place Rachel Lewis, "A Valentine"

 Competition photos shot by: Arlene Barshinger Photography, Quroscuro, and West Ramsey Photography.

Sponsors for the

2013  SF&MF Presents: The CIC Fashion Challenge

Special Thanks to    
for exposing us to their students
and  supplying us with a meeting space!

To get involved with the Fashion Challenge Board or to become a Sponsor,
please contact us!

Previous years below:

First Place & Audience Choice:  Niv Elliot & Shady Lady Saloon Created "Hangar Steak Salad"

Second Place: Kristin Huss and Fox & Goose with "English Trifle"

Third place: Gloria Magana and Chocolate Fish with "Long Black"


The Challenge was part of the SF&MF Opening Night Program.
5:00 pm  Pop-Up at Sharif on K Street and 10th
6:30 pm  Doors open at the Crest Theatre
7:30 pm  Catwalk begins    Film Achievement Awards
                Fashion Challenge Awards
8:00 pm  Local Independent Films from Sacramento's
                Filmmakers!  (see full schedule here!) 
In 2012 we did "Fashion Pairings" with the participating restaurants on the left. 
Sharif Jewelers hosted our Pop-Up Boutique,
Allure Salon provided Hair & Make-up and prizes, and Nicholas Wray Studio
will hosted the VIP Underground Experience.        
Our designers had 13 days to complete an outfit ready for the runway.  The elements included the restaurant name and 1 menu item.         


Congratulations  to REBECCA WITHEY, the Yelp festival pass winner!

More Highlights from 2012-scroll down for 2011

Highlights from 2011 below:
thechristinamarie's 2011 CICFC album on Photobucket

2011's press: Our Designers STOP THE PRESSES!

The SF&MF Presents: The Sacramento Bee Fashion Challenge Sponsored by The CIC!

Photos of last year's fun courtesy of Prevailing Photography and

Phillip Kampel Photography.