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Fashion Challenge is coming back in JUNE 2017. 

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Our Portfolio of All Events to Date (most recent first):

May 2016:  Media Mentee, Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival held their SECOND full Film Festival

March 2016:  The #DYSPHORIA Project went to Pagan Bunny Burn in a prototype portable gallery.

January 2016:  We executed the Second Annual NorCal Film Festival Guide
in partnership with INDIEblush Magazine

Sept/Oct 2015 Executive Director, Christina Marie attended
 Burning Man and IlluminART in the Park (at her own expense) to further relations with participating Artists and Organizations.

The #DYSPHORIA Project installed at Warehouse Artist Lofts in June 2015

Thanks to the donation of space from Ali Youssefi and provision of volunteer staff by James Kinloch.

Big Day of Giving 2015 raised $1,700

May 2015: Media Mentee, Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival achieved their FIRST Annual Film Festival. Congratulations!

CIC Fashion Challenge Strategic partner:

Sacramento Fashion Week 2015: Emerging Next Designers

Media Mentee, Sacha Laurin debuted her fashions at the Oscars Red Carpet Event: The Nokia Gifting Experience

Jan 2015:  We executed the FIRST ANNUAL NorCal Film Festival Guide in partnership with INDIEblush Magazine

December 2014 Media Mentoring:


Elements Fashion Experience and #DYSPHORIA preview December 12, 2014
at Capsity Gallery and Co-working Space

Proceeds benefited Capitol INDIE Collective
and Partner charities that fight BDD & Bullying

We raised nearly $1,000! Thanks for your participation!

October 2014 Media Mentoring:

Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival:

Slate 2.0 (Asian Horror)

Fashion Challenge 2014

Summer 2014 Media Mentoring:


Learn how to become an "Art Warrior" battling

Body Dysmorphic Disorder & Bullying

MAY 2014 Media Mentoring:

Executive Director, Christina Marie with the Staff of the SAPFF.

1st Annual

Sacramento Asian Pacific

Film Festival!

May 31st:  A day of education, films, and awareness.

 Feature Presentation:

MAR/APR/MAY Media Mentoring: Attending the AFM- a Video Diary will begin screening May 6!

 "Naked Movie Tuesdays" sponsored by Naked Lounge Coffee.  Enjoy Coffee and see the latest in Sacramento's Indie Film-making community. 

Dec/Jan/Feb Media Mentoring continues with:

"Naked Movie Tuesdays"

sponsored by Naked Lounge Coffee

Come see Independent movies "stripped down" by their creators in an engaging screening and discussion.  Learn inside industry secrets and hear how projects get made in the Sacramento Region! Every First Tuesday on the month at Naked Coffee on 11th and H st in Sacramento. See the Facebook events to learn more.

Media Mentoring November:  The AFM diary.

The AFM Diary will be screened Spring 2014

The CIC Fashion Challenge is complete!

Next Challenge is coming Summer 2014 

They walked on September, Friday the 13th!

September:  We were awarded a microgrant from SMAC!  Let the Documentary begin! 

Media Mentoring continued with "Steps to AFM".  The participants were encouraged to apply for the SMAC Microgant and will begin to form concepts surrounding their video diaries that will be shot at AFM.  The grant cycle is now closed.  The Microgrant will be offered by SMAC again next Spring.


March/April/May/June/July/August/September (ongoing): 

The Documentary Process:  "Shooting in THE DARK"

Three students from Grant Union High and Natomas Charter High had the opportunity to shoot a feature length documentary about the making of the record-attempting film, THE DARK; working side by side with Indie Filmmakers in Sonora, CA.  They are now in the process of continuing the collaboration between the high schools and THE DARK Producers to see the project through to festival.

The Steps to AFM-ONGOING 2013

Provided By Christina Marie, Producer at Cow Town Film Productions.  The road to distribution for any art form can be arduous.  Over the next ten months, Christina Marie has agreed to mentor other filmmakers through her Tumblr blog and  one-on-one coaching FOR FREE to the artists in the Sacramento-Sierra Region.  To see more about Christina Marie, Please visit www.cowtownfilmproductions.com.
Photo courtesy: Nicholas Wray  Please see more of Nicholas' work here.
Materials links:
Agent tracking grid
Agent inquiry letter

January The Steps to AFM informed Film makers on how to take the steps to getting an agent and building confidence in their brands.

December Media Mentoring: Shop Local and Shop Small Business- Happy Holidays- No Mentoring this month.

November Media Mentoring:  Goal Setting for Film Producers/Director/Writers: an ongoing mentoring for getting distribution. Please contact us to begin the program.

October Media Mentoring: How to Work the American Film Market, Presented by Christina  Marie took us into the world of AFM. 

Click to continue following her Tumblr blog here.

September Media Mentoring Encore: Presentation of Tom Shadyac's guest appearance at the Tower of Youth.

This month we present this video to you free of charge in association with the Tower of Youth.

Thank you William Bronston, M.D. for  your contribution!

MEDIA MENTORING was on hiatus for AUGUST

The SF&MF Presents: The 2012 CIC Fashion Challenge

Media Mentoring JULY:

Special Event: We Celebrated collaboration between entities, music, movies, fashion, and art at Bows and Arrows for LAUNCH.

We demonstrated the power of collaboration with this live event.  We took silent movies and scored them with live bands on July 24th!  See more here.


June 26th was all about Public Relations and how to sell your brand to the public at large.  Are you an artist that works in a medium like paint, clay, jewelry?  Perhaps you are a writer, actor, producer, or dancer?  This session taught you how to take your business/brand to the next level regardless of how you express yourself creatively!

MAY 29th, 2012 :  The Road to Hollywood, Actors:  How to survive the LA machine!

SPEAKERS:  Elisha Choice, Elise Hodge, & Sonja Lopez joined renowned photographer, Terri Brindisi for a fabulous evening of actor empowerment!  Headshots were snapped, business advice was shared and our attendees left with homework that can transform their acting into an acting career!  Our guests enjoyed the evening so much they wanted to make it a quarterly event.  Please stay tuned for the next Actor focused event!

Notes about our guests:


 Elisha Choice, Author of Movie Extra Work for Rocket Scientists  and Back To One, The Movie Extras Guidebook
A note from the Publisher on the books: 
Entertainment Industry authors and actors Cullen Chambers and Elisha Choice have teamed up once again to offer tips and advice to would-be actors with the release of the 19th edition of Back To One, The Movie Extra's Guidebook. Originally released in 1986 and updated annually, The Movie Extra's Guidebook offers ordinary people an extraordinary opportunity to break into the exciting world of film and television through work as a background actor. Through this book, people receive complete instructions on how to break into the industry, who to contact, what they'll need to make it through the audition process, and what to expect when they've landed a job. Recognized as one of the "bibles" of the acting profession, The Movie Extra's Guidebook has sold over 300,000 copies since its original release. Actors, Casting Directors and Coaches have all agreed that The Movie Extra's Guidebook is a definite must-have item for anyone wanting to work in the film and television industries. "I recommend that all my beginning students read Cullen Chambers' book The Movie Extra's Guidebook. It is a real treasure, you get all the education you need to become a background actor for a bargain!" - Judy Kerr, Author/Director/Acting Coach "Seinfeld" "The Movie Extra's Guidebook captures audience attention in the business of acting. Applause for the time, energy, research and hands-on experiences you've shared. Bravo!" - Paula Berger, TRENZ Magazine Priced at $24.95, Back To One, The Movie Extra's Guidebook is available through assorted retailers including Amazon.com, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks and W.H. Smith. It can also be purchased directly from the authors through the website The Movie Extra's Guide.

If you have what it takes to be an Overnight Sensation in today’s exciting movies, TV, commercials, music videos, modeling jobs, soap operas and more in Hollywood, attend "The Road To Hollywood" workshop with Elisha Choice, co-author of Back To One, The Movie Extras Guidebook, Movie Extra Work for Rocket Scientists and Hollywood's Industry Insider magazine; and casting director for Actors Resource Network reveals how anyone can get started right away doing extra work with our proven, E-Z step-by-step insider tips, tidbits and tricks on breaking into the industry. Insider tools of the trade that save you hundreds of hours of legwork and thousands of $$$.

If you're interested in hitting the ground running... Working with your favorite actor on a TV show or just getting more work... attend this workshop with one of Hollywood’s foremost movie extras casting authorities show you how to get in touch with the best casting sources, many with FREE registration... Other Famous Actors Who Started As Extras, Where & How to find the Jobs, Set Etiquette & Wardrobe tips, Vital info & Advice on Photos, Resumes, Working behind the Scenes, the New Pay Rates, How to get your New Union Card, SoCal Contacts & Your Plan of Action, How to Go from Extra to Principal Actor, How to Work with Real Agencies and Steer Clear of Scammers and more…

Elise Hodge, EMH Productions

Elise found her roots as an actor at The Steve Eastin Studio in LA. She has explored many facets of the crazy and exciting world of Hollywood going through the ranks of “atmosphere actor”, theatre actor, TV and film actor, writer, assistant directing, directing, producing and operator of a successful industry business, Vision Casting. She feels strongly about helping actors achieve their dreams. Having witnessed and had her heart touched by so many talented, yet “undiscovered” talent, she established her own business, EMH Productions. Her hands on approach to her business emphasizes her care and support of her fellow actors. She welcomes the challenge to realize, every day, her goal of helping others fulfill their acting dreams while in pursuit of her own path of writing, acting, directing and producing in Hollywood along with her home of Sacramento.
“I started EMH Productions 2 years ago with the intention of helping out my fellow actors achieve their goals in a safe and fun environment. Since then, I have been able to bring some of these casting people up to my home of Sacramento. It’s been amazing!
Casting Director Workshops have become the best way in recent times to network with various casting offices in LA. They are a great way to become educated about how a specific office goes through the process of hiring actors, not to mention the added bonus of being able to learn from a specific casting director first hand. Treating these workshops as a networking and education opportunity is the best way to benefit from them.
I think it’s important to always push forward with our dreams. I hope to be of guidance and support to the actors who ask for my assistance which is what is so exciting about the upcoming class. The goal will be to give actors realistic advice on what to do if you plan on tacking the Olympics of Acting: HOLLYWOOD. Discussing a business plan is paramount in making yourself successful as an actor, so bring your notebooks and pens and get ready for a plethora of invaluable information!!!”

Sonja Lopez, Casting Professional
  As the Project Coordinator for Celebrity Endorsement Network she was responsible for the acquisition of celebrity talent for national commercials, media tours and personal appearances on campaigns such as Nike, Anheuser Busch, and Excedrin Migraine. Working with talent reps to negotiate rates and riders was the learning experience of a lifetime.

Sonja then moved into casting for motion picture and television and was lucky enough to work for with VIACOM’s famed Casting Director, Victoria Burrows on film projects such as, “Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring”, “Cast Away” and TV Series, “Diagnosis Murder”. It is here she learned all there is to know about SAG/ AFTRA Contracts, Breakdown services, Cast-it and the entire casting process from pulling “sides” to Producer sessions.

Terri Brindisi, Photographer
"I've been working professionally in Sacramento since 2006. In that time I've taken pictures for theatrical productions, movie sets, bands, actor and model headshots, travel, weddings, birthday parties, roller derby, Thanksgiving and holiday parties, body paint, pregnancy, family, facebook, professional business headshots, and then some.

My passion is to not to take pictures, but to give people the gift of a moment they can relive, love, and share." --Terri

Terri comes to us highly recommended by actors for theatre and film.  Please check out her portfolio here!

SILENTS WERE GOLDEN-March 27, 2012 6pm
When many people think of “old-time” silent movies, grainy images of slapstick comics belting each other with pies and seltzer water come to mind. Yet the silent film era produced films of lasting beauty, power, and merit as a new medium found its way. By the mid-1920s, silent films had achieved a level of artistry that made them the most beloved popular entertainment in the world. Nevertheless, in 1927 when Al Jolson stepped up to the microphone and uttered the phrase, “You ain’t heard nothin’ yet, folks!” in The Jazz Singer, it sent an instantaneous dagger into the heart of the silent picture. Interestingly, it was years before talking pictures – with clunky, immobile equipment and clunky, inarticulate film stars – were able to match the beauty and power of the great silent films.
March 27th, in celebration of The Artist, a retro-silent film and winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2011, we revisited the silent era, with two hours of clips, trailers, and short subjects from silent and early sound films, hosted by Cliff Weimer, film historian, writer, and projectionist at inthebalcony.com, a website devoted to classic (and not so classic) films. We spent an evening with  such legendary names as Lillian Gish, Lon Chaney, Buster Keaton, Clara Bow, D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin and an array of unforgettable films – and yes, a pie in the face or two. Plus, examples of early sound films, when the actors were apparently told, “Whatever you do, don’t move, and remember to speak into that hidden microphone!” A fun and informative evening was had.

January 25-26th, 2012:  The CIC Presented  MISS REPRESENTATION 

We were proud to kick off our Movie Mentoring Series with this documentary and Panel that will rocked Sacramento to her core!

The 25th, our co-sponsor, The Legislative Women's Caucus provided a private screening and evening with Filmmaker Jennifer Siebel-Newsom.

The 26th was a FREE Public screening event with our interactive panel on Media Literacy, thanks to our Sponsors!    Our event was an opportunity for over 800 filmmakers and media students to see the ramifications of negative imagery in media.  We educated those in the media fields about Media Literacy and encouraged an open dialog of how we can reform how we promote our products to the consumer.

See the trailer below.

Miss Representation 3 minute Trailer 8/24 from Miss Representation on Vimeo.



The Capitol Indie Collective
    is Fiscally Sponsored by the
    Friends of SMAC
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of the Sacramento Valley


Thank you to Tracy Saville, Champion of Media Literacy for this event! For more information on becoming a Champion, please email us.

Thank you Cow Town Film Productions for sponsoring this event!

Thank you Sacramento Film and Music Festival for sponsoring this event!


January 2012

Nicholas Wray's take on Miss Representation

Access Local TV on Miss Representation

The Indie Times

August 2011

The SF&MF Presents: The Sacramento Bee Fashion Challenge Sponsored by The CIC!