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The Second Annual Sacramento
Asian Pacific Film Festival


2014-2015 Media Mentoring:

Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival

May 29-30, 2015 Guild Theater, Sacramento

Next Event:  May 2016


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2013-2015 Media Mentoring:

Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival

This is from SAPFF's Second event Slate 2.0 from October of 2014.

In 2013 we mentored a Film Festival through the process of creating a festival based business. We raised funds, provided education, and one-on-one mentoring of the Festival Directors. Their first event was Slate 1.0  in May of 2014:

It’s the countdown to the inaugural Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival, scheduled for May 2015. And we’re kicking things off with a series of community events. SAPFF is proud to present “Slate 1.0″ on Saturday, May 31 at the Guild Theater in Sacramento.

“Slate 1.0” is the first of three events showcasing the diverse Asian cultural landscape through film and discussion. The feature film is Jeff Adachi’s acclaimed “Slanted Screen” documentary, which explores the roles of Asian men in Hollywood history, and how that image has evolved in the span of a century.

Guests will also see screenings of 8 short films created by Asian filmmakers from around the country. And the main feature: A panel of industry experts that will offer an inside look at the makings of a film. What goes into production before the cameras even start rolling? What’s the most important decision a film-making team must make? You ask, our experts answer.

To become involved with the SAPFF, please contact:   916-776-6036