Artist            Art-based-Business          Innovation Pass          Patron of the Arts          Inner Circle of Patrons          Corporate Member
$50                        $100                                   $250                                 $500                                 $1,000                                      $5,000

We are in the process of updating our benefits for members.

To find out more about our wonderful mentoring programs & outreach, please email us


Cross-platform networking, education, and promotion FREE to Members

On the Job Training Programs FREE to Members

Ongoing education on how to form a business in the Arts 

Ongoing matching of Artists to businesses to further collaboration

Discounted/FREE office and teaching space at CLARA Midtown, INDIEhäus, and INDIEWOOD upon completion of construction

Subsidized live-work space at INDIEhäus upon completion

First looks at jobs offered throughout INDIEwood affiliates

Assistance with distribution of your product and services

Extreme networking opportunities and Field Trips

The ability to work side-by-side with other artists and industry professionals-creating a synergistic environment of creativity!

Founding Members of INDIEhäus will be honored with a plaque, put on a list of VIP's invited to limited engagements, and our ground breaking ceremony.