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Friday, June 12th, 2015, Media Mentoring hosted: The #DYSPHORIA Project

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This is the controversial image that started a firestorm
of Facebook debate, slander, defense, encouragement,
and angst.

Please read the whole story below.

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The project was born out of an incident on Facebook where Craig Fouts of Quroscuro posted an artistic nude photo of himself taken by Darren Paquette.   The thread immediately blew up in hatred, trolling, and those who tried to defend Craig's decision to take the same risk he asks his models to take every day.  He was called too thin, ugly, scary, and disgusting.  His images were reported and people hiding behind their keyboards said he was furthering the disease of Anorexia in girls.

Christina Marie of CM Media was one of the people coming to Craig's defense.  Being an Ectomorph- the same body type as Craig she was all too familiar with the jeers coming from those who are not educated on the 3 genetic body types:  Ectomorph (very thin), Mesomorph (medium sized), and Endomorph (larger sized).  Christina and Craig have both been accused of having Anorexia Nervosa, a mental health disease not to be confused with being Anorexic, a medical distinction meaning below the Body Mass Index (BMI).  The two classifications are often confused by the general public and simply "eating a sandwich" will not "cure" being an Ectomorph.

Christina is a bit of an activist and was completely inspired after just a few hours of the ordeal.  She decided to do a collaboration between her brand CM Media and Quroscuro. 

The mission is to photograph as many people as they can in the nude and not alter their body shapes to what our society calls "perfection".  The photos are bold, statement making shots, that are beautifully lit in the Chiaroscuro style that Quroscuro is famous for.  Each expression is a unique partnership between each model and photographer.  Each "model's"  assignment is to celebrate something about their body, smash a myth, or reveal something personal.  They can share what they want and reveal as much or little as they want as long as they are brave enough to take a risk in the nude.

An over-sized photo book will be created from the images and the original Facebook feed-unedited will be the forward.  The book will contain resources and an essay in closing with the mission and how to get  involved in battling Body Dysphoria that leads to Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Bullying.

This is a living art project, meaning they want it to continue beyond them.  The Capitol Indie Collective is working with the collaboration to provide an anti-bullying education campaign and provide residencies to other artists who want to become involved. They want to spread the mission by having others submit their photos to the exhibition and print more books and stories.  They are looking for Strategic Partners that are also non-profits to spread the education on body types and fight the impossible media standards in our magazines and other media.  BDD affects just about as many men as women.  Statistics show that 49% of BDD sufferers are men.

A Collaboration of CMmedia, Quroscuro, & YOU.

To participate contact

Christina Marie

Please mention #Dysphoria in the subject line