Mission Statement:


Our mission is to provide education and a platform for independent artists to be inspired, practice their art form, and deliver compelling works of art making impact with personal meaning and social relevance from several different disciplines, backgrounds, and demographics in a stimulating and nurturing environment. 

Business Goals and Objectives:

1.      Create a centrifuge of talent by offering a space that is artist-centric

2.      Ultimately offer state-of-the-art Production Facilities with mentoring opportunities pairing successful productions with learning artists

3.      Offer low-cost alternatives to artists in need of office space/rehearsal space

4.      Offer low-cost and free education with accomplished professionals from the artist’s discipline

5.      Provide access to distribution channels for the artist’s product enabling artists to be self-sufficient

6.      Ultimately provide industry growth in Sacramento

7.      Ultimately provide a thriving artist-centric district in Sacramento

8.      Provide the Greater Sacramento Area with the finest in art consumption opportunities

9.      Provide another reason for tourism to flock to Sacramento: INDIEHäus the next art-driven destination

10.   Provide INDIEbus to schools for Digital Media Literacy and increase awareness of Art based businesses.

Our Culture:

We borrow some principles from the biggest Arts community/experiment in the world, Burning Man; as well as principles that support the Arts specifically to mold our conduct on a daily basis.


We believe the ARTS grow a local economy and diversify/enhance existing economies/industries.

We believe in Radical Inclusion.

We believe in Radical Expression.

We believe in Radical Collaboration.

We believe in immediacy.

We believe we are all participants.

We believe that story telling is the at the heart of expression.

We believe that the "WHY" we do things is more important than the "what" we make or "how" we get there.

We are ambassadors in our community.

We believe growth is essential.